Troll was founded in 1994 based on the experience accumulated by its owner over the years. He had worked in the electronics department, and then as an external consultant and designer for a renowned international company.

Troll evolved over the years, until it established itself as a valuable reference for the development of customer products and as a fully independent manufacturer.   All the design and production steps are carried out internally, without outsourcing any part of the process.

TROLL offers its services to companies that operate in the various sectors of the electronics market including: industrial automation, informatics, telecommunications, electromedical, domotics (home systems), collective restoration and refrigeration.

Troll’s facility covers an area of approximately 7,000 square meters, which has been built with

the most advanced technologies in order to minimize energy consumption and use eco-compatible materials with a low environmental impact.

Flexibility in manufacturing is Troll’s main strength.

Due to privacy reasons and the firm’s high standard professional policy Troll’s partnership is limited to an exclusive right or at the most to a few selected customers in each productive field.



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